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8 Best Christmas Events around the World

Christmas Events

Christmas without a doubt is the biggest global festival ever. There are varieties of events and celebrations related to Christmas festival. Christians have their own way to celebrate Christmas. But others make their own ways of celebrating this festival with many unique events. Here are 7 best Christmas events that take place during this time around the world.


Budapest Christmas Fair, Hungary

From mid week of November to 1st week of January, Hungary is all decked up with the annual fair of the year. This has been the most anticipated event of the year. The fair includes various fun activities like festival games. Some place has amazing night markets to send the best gifts to your loved one on this occasion. Besides, there are many unique entertainment programs going on all along. Having Christmas in middle, you can enjoy the most delicious Hungarian delicacies.

Christkindlmarket – Chicago, USA

By the name, it is easy to understand that this festival is a German inspired event. Christkindlmarket in Chicago USA is like the extravagant Christmas fair of Nuremburg, Germany. This is a perfect place for shopping for both the local and the tourists. This event provides you with many holiday entertainments. They are in the form of performances and booths. The varieties of booth called fun-booths. Besides, you can have plenty of German- American cuisine and drinks in this place at this point of time.

Festival of Lights – Portland, Oregon

If it is Christmas and you are in Oregon, you should not miss this event. This carries more than 25K people being witness to this huge Festival of Lights. It is one of the biggest entertainment events on Christmas around the whole world. A village in this festival gets decorated with 500,000 light displays. This festival includes the biggest Nutcracker of the world. Besides, there are Holiday Village and wagon rides inside the festival area. If you are with your beloved, nothing can be more magical as a Christmas gift for your love of life.

Ice Festival – Alaska

To get the best Christmas gift delivery what can be better than the North Pole itself? Alaska’s Ice Festival is the most popular tourist attractions during Christmas. Here you will get to witness the finest sculptures of ice. This astonishing and jaw-dropping art of work will give you the experience of your life time. There are contests where the most voted sculpture wins the trophy. To keep tourists enthusiastic, there are opportunities to create sculptures as well.

Gramado Natal Luz – Gramado, Brazil

The Brazilian word ‘Natal Luz’ means ‘Christmas of Lights’. Gramado is famous as Brazil’s Christmas capital; so it has to be decorative during the Christmas time. A 99 feet Christmas tree with a chance of entrance for tourists inside it is the biggest attraction. The tools of this festival include- 3,500 ornaments and 2,600 string lights. Then there is an artificial snow machine with 1000 pieces of strobe lights.

Misa de Gallo – Manila, Philippines

Philippines is the country of Roman Catholics. On Christmas, they decorate the churches and get ready for a festival, Misa-de-Gallo. This is an annual tradition. The people of Philippines visit the church for 9 days regular to attend the midnight masses. After you attend the mass, you can have a bite on famous Filipino delicacies like ‘Bibinka’ and ‘Puto- Bum bong’.

Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London

London’s winter wonderland is the best place to enjoy Christmas. This place is full of fun with events like observation wheel and ice-skating. Then there are a circus shows and ice shows. The place can hold 2.5 million guests throughout the festival season. The park timing is from 10 am to 10 pm, but the best timing is after sunset.

Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor – Madrid, Spain

Among all the Christmas market of the world, this Spanish one is the best. Plaza Mayor is the biggest ground for this commercial Christmas fair in Madrid. The food market here is world famous as they get you the chance of tasting anything. This is the perfect way to send Xmas chocolates online to your loved ones in home.

Christmas has its own strands of history as well as diverse ways of celebration. Above are the most famous Christmas celebrations around the world.

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