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10 Flowers to Donate To the Woman You Love

10 Flowers to Donate To the Woman You Love

The idea of this article that we are proposing you comes from an email we received. Lorenzo asked us for some advice on flowers to send to his partner, to remedy his ugly figure. He tells us that for Valentine’s Day he had given her yellow carnations and she had been very bad…. But why will you ask? Read the article to find out the meaning of these flowers.


What do the flowers mean?

“Life is the flower for which love is honey,” wrote Victor Hugo. In fact, love without flowers is not love. We know how much women love flowers and not only for Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day, flowers are a pleasure for every occasion but mostly in our culture that rose flowers delivery for only valentine day but this is not actual thing.

But you must be careful, as Lorenzo’s case teaches us.

Not all flowers are the same: sometimes it is not enough to look at the look and the color, the symbolism of the flowers is a complicated thing.

How do you know? Impossible to say. Simple read our guide to discover the ten flowers not to give to your beloved.

The ten anti-love flowers to never give away

1) Black Rose: although not very common, the black rose symbolizes death, so it should be avoided at all costs.

2) Chrysanthemum: as we know in Italy the chrysanthemums are the flowers of the dead, as, from tradition, they are brought to the cemetery on the day of November 2nd, so better to avoid them for the beloved. Although this flower actually means peace, according to the dictionary of flowers.

3) Yellow carnation: the carnation is a beautiful component of the bouquets, but in the yellow variant it symbolizes disdain and rejection.

4) Red poppy: from the bright color and the libertine aspect, in reality the red poppy symbolizes oblivion. It represented sleep for the Greeks and is the flower of consolation par excellence.

5) Aconite: a spontaneous flower that grows mainly among the mountain rocks was already known at the time of the Greeks as a poisonous flower. This is a flower to avoid also because it symbolizes revenge.

6) Anemone: expresses distance, distance, so it is not the flower for your beloved unless you are in a period of reconciliation.

7) Rhododendron: from the sophisticated aspect it is actually very poisonous (see photo). But that’s not why you should not give it to your beloved. In fact, the meaning of the rhododendron is danger.

8) Digital: this plant with an unusual name is often found in gardens and grows very tall. Unfortunately it means falsehood and it is also poisonous.

9) Lion’s mouth: symbolizes diversity, it’s like saying to your beloved who is not your type, so stay away from this type of flower.

10) Pink hydrangea: very popular flower in Japan, where it is called the flower of the eight immortals. If white is indicated for the first loves, but if you give a pink hydrangea, it means friendship only.

Now you know the flowers that are absolutely not given to the woman you love, unless it is your enemy friend.

If you are looking for some inspiration visit our online store, lots of flowers and not just for your good gifts. And if you do not know what to choose, ask for advice, as Lorenzo did.

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