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Mouse shopping guide for gaming

Mouse shopping

Since its foray into the computer world, the mouse has gained importance due to the ease of use for anyone, expert or not. The gaming world has not been left behind and if we make a memory we will see how this peripheral has been chosen to advance faster than, for example, the keyboard.

But they have not only advanced in technology, such as lasers, optics or the old “ball “. Also the extra features that accompanied it were gaining importance and presence within a market that little by little was growing.

Lights, weights, cable types, buttons, specific software … The mouse of today come to our homes with views of fulfilling even greater needs than, perhaps, we need (it is nice that the mouse changes color, but, is it necessary? ).
But, before that, we must leave some things clear to facilitate the understanding of some decisions:

More DPI does not mean you’re buying better rapon

Dots per Inch, what comes to be “Dots per inch “. This term began to be coined in the printers and was a figure that determined the resolution of the printer itself: the greater the number of points, the higher the resolution and the better the quality of the image. Within the world of mouse, this measurement determines the amount of points that our mouse’s sensor can recognize within a space within the screen.

This leads to the erroneous thinking that ” more DPI = better mouse ” and does not necessarily have to be so. An example: if we divide a screen of 10 inches between 5,000 and 6,000 DPI of a mouse, the amount of “spaces” that our mouse recognizes is different from how we will notice it on a 20-inch screen.

Manufacturer’s software: nice, useful and annoying in the long run

The utilities provided by the large number of quality gaming mouse 2018 manufacturers are very useful. They allow the configuration of a large part of our peripheral and, truthfully, it is a headache, at least in my experience. They let us raise or lower DPI, accelerate or even save profiles for different games.

The problem of this software I have always found with the updates, which, take them to the day or wait to avoid failures, usually end up giving problems and, unfortunately, in too many occasions, it is necessary to reinstall everything.

quality gaming mouse

Do I need so many buttons?

We will always lack buttons and they will never be enough for what we would like to use. The easiest case to understand is with World of War craft, where we notice how our screen fills with icons necessary to perform our function.

The buttons on the mouse itself are not badly seen in these games at all, since the other hand by habit is occupied in the movement of the character. There will be those who prefer to have more freedom of movement and use the mouse itself to launch skills.

We have the option of the Tacens Mars Gaming MM4 with twelve buttons on the thumb part suitable for our configurations or macros. In addition, we will have the aberrant figure of 16,400DPI, which I doubt there is a person who uses them but hey … There they are.

The guys from Trust also leave us the option with their GTX 166, which offers us the same specifications as the Tacens mouse at a lower price, in exchange for less customization in lighting.

But if we were lucky enough to have our birthday recently and we want to burn the money given, Racer offers us his Naga Chroma. I own your 2014 version and, so far, I am delighted. It is true that € 100 for a mouse is somewhat exaggerated for many (in my case it was about € 70), but today I have no complaints and I’m worth for any kind of game.

Mouse ideal for MOBA

Games based mainly on the mobility of the character through the mouse click it. This causes the vast majority of skills to be made from the keyboard and the buttons on the mouse itself are relieved to the background.

Despite this, the custom is not the rule, so there are people who prefer to have some responsibilities beyond those expected in the hand of the mouse and look for extra buttons.

Games of few pulsations in terms of launching skills with the mouse is concerned, being the buttons on the same mouse something to go without giving more importance … Or yes? In this section we find mouse like the Steel Series Rival 500, which has some very well defined extra buttons and that in a moment of tension you will not be able to confuse with others (as it could happen in the mouse mentioned above), as well as all the experience and trajectory in the gaming world as Steel Series has. But if our budget goes too much, we have cheaper options and brands with a good reputation.

Among them, we find the ASUS Strix Claw Dark, which offers for € 55 a powerful, robust mouse with the right buttons to leave the “key” skills at hand (literally).

And for the most savers, Ozone proposes its Neon 3K with a very competitive price in this sector to the detriment of some DPI that, in my view, have more importance than it is popularly given.

Recommended mouse for FPS

Aim and shoot. These games need a precision of a high caliber and a speed of response totally immediate between the head and the hand. A few frames or pixels above or below, can decant the difference between losing and winning a duel when we talk about shooting. With having secondary and primary buttons, classics in mouse, it would be enough for this sector.

mouse for FPS

The need for precision makes it very difficult to use non-primary / secondary buttons in this mode. Pressing another button can make you lose aim and it would not be good. Maybe one to change weapons, throw grenades and little else.

A millimeter up or a millimeter down can be the radical change between a shot accurate or an accurate shot of the enemy. In these games, both reaction speed and accuracy must go in unison and compose a deadly ballad. Here, Mad Catz RAT 7 attracts a lot of attention. It has the concept of its button to lower DPI in-game and get that “plus “of aim. That yes, to the detriment of losing an important time (or that is my case at least, since I never got the pium pium well).

For the purists (and for those that the outlandish MadCatz peripheral does not finish convincing), we will always have to return to Razer and its 2015 Chroma Diamondback. A fine design without anything out of the ordinary, but with some very interesting characteristics.

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