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10 Best Android Apps for Accountants

Android Apps for Accountants

Being an accountant requires many calculating and organization tools. You need to stay focused, stay cent percent accurate and work rapidly at the same time. No matter if you are aspiring to be an account or is already one; you would appreciate our assortment of best apps for accountants. We have sorted out the apps that an accountant should have their smartphones to make their job more relaxed when they are on the move and more when you play game like pubg on pc casually solving some huge tables to equate the debt and credit. The app store is full of them; and here is our list of best apps for accountants. All these apps are for the iOS platform.

Android Apps for Accountants

10 Best Apps for Accountants

Power-One Finance Pro Calculator:        

This is just not a calculator. Instead, the Power-One Finance Pro Calculator does all your financial calculations. Available for both iPhone and iPad; and this app is capable of performing nearly 401k calculations of different types. It could be anything – leases, bonds, auto, and house loans, and currency converter etc. You can calculate the NPR, IRR, and NFV of the following types we have mentioned. For better visualization, you can plot graphs including even your sanctioned loans.

1 Password

Companies maintain great confidentiality when it comes to their account. Because this person works with all the sensitive data of a company! Their financial documentation which shouldn’t be seen by anyone unauthorized. As a result, an accountant ends up with plenty of passwords to remember, and at one step everything starts screwing up. 1 Password is an app that helps with organizing your passwords safely. Just remember the password for 1 Password, and you are suitable to store all your other passwords here.

Fantastical 2

Accountants are bound to make a lot of meetings on all their working days. It is necessary to gather everyone’s financial reports and sort them out in the proper economic order. Fantastical 2; the name indeed sounds very dramatic, but this is a calendar app for iPhone. You might not like the user interface over the stock calendar, but Fantastical 2 puts all reminders into a simple hub. Upon installation, everything from your calendar will be synced.


Could you deny the fact that accountants and CPAs need taking lots of notes during the day? Maybe not important stuff, but just jotting down and dribbling around the thoughts that occupy your mind – that’s all is needed. Evernote is the best note taking app everyone recommends and so do we. Write anything you want, insert photos or videos, record music tracks, save them on a calendar – what else you want to do? Evernote makes taking notes a unique experience. Everything you note would be synced over other platforms as well.


Not very closely related to accountants or CPA persons; but would be a handy tool to them. You might generate loads of excel spreadsheets containing your accounting balance sheet – and chances are they aren’t done at the first attempt and you would need them the next morning on a different computer – maybe your office computer. Rather than carrying it on a flash drive and manually update it across all your computers; store them in Dropbox. Your file would be available everywhere with automatic syncing.

Scanner Pro

Paperwork is one core task every accountant needs to do. Not every accounting system in the world has been digitalized yet; and sometimes handwritten information and signatures are required over anything else. To save these documents in digital format, you would need a scanner but they are not portable. In times where you need a scanner but can’t find one; use Scanner Pro. You would take a photo of the documents and the app will turn them into scanned documents. Usually, the app produces much clearer outputs than real scanners.

Easy Books

Now, this is a complete accounting based apps you would want. The app is developed for iPad. There are plenty of pricing models you could use during your calculations. The essential features in Easy Books would allow you to maintain your business finances and send bills to your customers just with few taps. The app is free with in-app purchases; you would have to pay a smaller portion of the money for each feature you want to buy. This saves a lot of money since you don’t buy the features you don’t need.


Kashoo is very popular with accountants using iPad devices. The features on Kashoo would make you familiar with the accounting terms you have ever used. The app has a neat and clean interface where you can track your financial transactions at ease. Creating invoices is very easy and also the payments you receive from those invoices. The sharing feature allows access to your business collaborators and partners to have a look at the transactions you have made. There would be automated reports at specific intervals for your business convenience.


If you find organizing your bills, receipts and other papers that are proofs of your financial transaction a difficult task; they don’t feel so anymore. With Shoeboxed, you can just take a picture and keep them in your own personalized “Shoebox.” You also get to store little necessary information regarding the stored memos like total payment you have made, date of cash and other information. You could just save a few thousand dollars by not hiring personnel for this task.


If spending money without keeping track is a common problem for you; then you might purchase the app InDinero. It keeps track of every transaction you make. Just sign up with your bank account and credit card information and then let the app do its job. It will track every single penny you spend! Best suitable for business people, since you also get to know if your expenditure is higher than your revenue or not!


Being an accountant is a great responsibility. It’s just not a job but a passion as well. Equip yourself with the best tools you can find in the iTunes app store to raise your class to a more “world-class” level. The apps we have chosen would undoubtedly guide you so.

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