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10 Best Android Apps for Accountants

Android Apps for Accountants

Being an accountant requires many calculating and organization tools. You need to stay focused, stay cent percent accurate and work rapidly at the same time. No matter if you are aspiring to be an account or is already one; you would appreciate our assortment of best apps for accountants. We

Mouse shopping guide for gaming

Mouse shopping

Since its foray into the computer world, the mouse has gained importance due to the ease of use for anyone, expert or not. The gaming world has not been left behind and if we make a memory we will see how this peripheral has been chosen to advance faster than,

Real-time E-KYC for Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring

The Globalization of the world has brought on many changes in the social structures of the world, making it difficult to differentiate real identities from the fake ones. The high-end tech that is being used to create new, fake identities, need automated, digitized ID verification systems as well. Not that

Boost up Your Business with iPad applications

iPad applications

As we all know very well that it was a time when usage of laptop and projectors were very much common in olden days especially in the business field. This was very much impressive and supportive for the time to use in business meetings and events respectively. With moderation in

The Critical Role Of Culture In Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation

As the speed of technological innovation continues to increase and as competition to deliver better, faster, and with less down time continues to be a deciding factor in who wins and who loses in the software game, it is important for organizations to take a research-based approach to digital transformation.

TSA to test technology for long-range passenger screening


The Transportation Security Administration has given the go-ahead to test technology that is designed to screen multiple airport passengers at the same time from a distance of up to 25 feet. The technology, described as “passive terahertz” screening, is one of several advances that the TSA and airlines hope will help

New Technology Out Of MIT Could Detect Mass Shooters

Covert radar-enabled sensors

An Atlanta-based startup backed by a wealthy Canadian is preparing to market a security system developed by MIT Lincoln Labs that could detect public shooters before they fire. The technology uses radar energy to detect weapons and explosives through clothing, backpacks and hand baggage in real time. The 3D shapes created