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South Carolina State Flag Facts in the Design

south carolina state flag

The state of South Carolina is adjacent to North Carolina. This state’s name honors King Charles 1 of England. It has 187 miles of coastline, colonies, African and European cultures, Southern plantations and many historical sites. The history of this state traces back 40,000 years, which is rich and full of diversities. During the American Revolutionary War, this state suffered the most as one-third of the battle took place in South Carolina alone.

Background of its Creation:

Colonel William Moultrie in 1777 created the original State Flag of South Carolina. This flag was used in the American Revolutionary War by the troops. The blue color and the crescent were used in the militia’s uniform.

In 1861, the golden symbol of palmetto made its place on the flag but it was flown only for two days. A white one replaced this golden palmetto. This flag eventually became the official state flag of South Caroline.

Is It Just An Ordinary Design?

When you look at the South Carolina state flag what you see in the first glance? It looks like an ordinary flag:

  1. The whole flag is of indigo blue color.
  2. There is a palmetto tree.
  3. A crescent moon in the sky.

It has deeper meaning if you observe the flag in a historical point of view and this state is called “Palmetto State”. You can have a state flag at home to show your love. Several online sites can provide you with many varieties. American Echoes is one you can choose to buy from in your area.

The Color Blue:

The indigo blue color is the official state color of South Carolina; this is why the flag is of indigo blue. Colonel William Moultrie’s soldier also wore uniforms featuring this color during the times of war. The color symbolizes perseverance, vigilance, loyalty, truth & justice.

The Crescent Moon:

This symbol has great significance not only is the USA, but also in the flags of other countries, like in the South Carolina state flag it has many meanings:

  1. The crescent symbolism dates back to the Crusades when knights had it on their armor as an emblem.
  2. It is an image of enlightenment and greater glory as it was depicted in ancient history.
  3. The blue color represents night and the moon emits light, which provides guidance to the travelers.
  4. The caps of the Revolutionary War soldiers had it that fought from South Carolina.

The State Tree:

The Palmetto tree is the official tree of South Carolina. The fort, which gave the victory to the Revolutionary War of Independence (1775–1783), was built with the palmetto tree logs. The tree is also on the South Carolina State Seal and the quarter of South Carolina. It is the strength of the people of South Carolina. The tree has a rubbery solution that makes the trunk of the tree flexible and cannot break.

Tips on How to Pay Respect to the State Flag

There are several ways to respect the state flag of South Carolina as it has significance during the Revolutionary War.

  1. Always hold the flag in a vertical position.
  2. Never use the flag as a general decoration item.
  3. The state flag must not be printed on shirts, uniforms or costumes.
  4. Do not put any other drawings on the flag.
  5. It should not fall onto the ground.
  6. Do not use it as a carrier of things.

How South Carolina State Flag is Different from the Citadel (U.S.)?

The main difference is of the color and the crescent moon facing the other side. This flag is known as the “The Big Red”. It was raised by the Cadets from the South Carolina Military Institute in 1861 during the Civil War. A local flag maker Hugh Vincent gave this flag to the troops. Although no traces of evidence as to why the red color and the moon is facing the opposite side. Nevertheless, no one can deny the historical importance it has in the history of America.

Both the flag of Citadel and state flag of South Carolina have historical significance. These flags were raised by South Carolina troops during the “Revolutionary War of Independence” and the “American Civil War”. The flag designed by Moultrie became the state flag and the other official flag of the Citadel (U.S.), The Military College of South Carolina. The cadets of this same Citadel took part in both historical wars. That is why; it has importance in US history and especially South Carolina.

You can also see the similarity of the design, as both flags belong to the state.  By now, you may have noticed that although the state flag of South Carolina is simple, the message and history it has it is wider than any other is. So wooden South Carolina flag is the best ways to remember the history and never forget it.

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