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Six wonderful Home Decoration Ideas You Can attempt This Diwali

Happy Diwali

The festive season of Diwali is on and there is a load of stuff to be done. But what consumes a lot of your time is decorating the house. House decoration plays a very important role, particularly throughout the festivals. While bedecking the house brings on a positive feeling, it’s so a far tedious work and is avoided by several. In fact, what irritates more is thinking the way to offer your house the festive look. But now we have a solution for your house decoration fatigue. Yes! we have a tendency to waken you some extremely simple decoration concepts which are able to not only bring in the positivity in your house but will also provide a new, elegant look this festive season.

1. Diya


Show your creativeness on the simple stuff diyas with the help of paint and glitters. In fact, you can also add a special floral touch to the diyas by decorating them with flowers instead.

2. Floating Candles

Floating Candles

One of the most far-famed concepts of a romantic date, the trend of floating candle can never be out of season. All you got to do is fill a bowl with water and place some floating candles in it. You can even add flowers to the bowl for fragrance or can even add on some ornamental things.

3. Rangoli


The adulthood custom to embellish the house with the colours is usually within the trend. Add some personal touch to your rangoli with some completely different style, diyas and earthen pots.

4. Paper cup lamps

Paper cup lamps


Get creative this Diwali with paper cups. Cut paper cups into floral shapes, paint them and stick them together. Now add light bulbs to the cups and lightweight chain.

5. Decorated candles

For those that need a simple decoration, you can light up your house with simple. Accentuate your regular candles by decorating them with the dry leaf so that they look stunning lit or unlit.

6. Chocolate Floral Decoration

Chocolate Floral Decoration

Who does not like chocolates? After all, ours is a country where every moment is a ‘kuch meetha Ho jaaye moment’. So, why leave Diwali decoration away from chocolates. Make floral bouquets victimization chocolates wrapped in bright coloured papers and place these around the place. This will be a twin treat within the house.

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