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FIVE Eccentric Party Ideas For Kids

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Organizing an eccentric party for your kid, irrespective of it being his/her birthday or not, is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do within a reasonable timeframe.

Do you know why?

It’s just because of one simple reason – your lack of knowledge about your kid’s preferences.

Yep, it’s undoubtedly a problem but there’s also a solution, and that is perhaps the simplest of all. Go to your kid, sit down with him/her, and ask him/her one thing straight like “what do you want to have for your upcoming party?”

Did you get a feasible answer? No? Then maybe these tips can help.

1. Have separate spots reserved for the kids and the adults

This plan might look too simple at the start but trust me, it DOES work if you can do it the right way.
If you want to amp up the level of fun in your party, you need to give the kids an individual space of their own (under trusted supervision that should not interfere with the kid’s activities unless they go right over the top).

The best way of doing that is to reserve different party spots for adults and the kids. Both spots can have different food items based on the nature of their occupants, like simple starters and soft drinks for the kids and grown up food for the adults.

Just try to implement this plan in the right way, and you will definitely see your kids enjoying themselves for sure.

2. Give sensible gifts to the child

sensible gifts to the child

Do you think that your child doesn’t show a whole lot of affinity towards stuff like cars, toys and other similar things that kids, their age generally do?

If the answer’s “yes,” then how about you go for an alternative? Like a book? Find out whether your child loves books or not. If you think s/he does, get him/her one. Simple things like that can really do the trick nicely.

Remember, a sensible gift does matter a lot to a kid. Even something as simple as a grandfather stick can qualify as a sensible gift for the child if you can present it in the right manner. So what are you still waiting for?

3. Go for a bouncy castle hire for the party

bouncy castle hire for the party

A bouncy castle can really be the heartbeat of your party. It can also increase the level of fun in your party by a level or two for the benefit of the party, as a whole.

Most kids love activities. Bouncy castles give them the opportunity to do exactly the same in a whole new manner. So why procrastinate further? Go for a bouncy castle hire with your eyes closed and hands tied behind your back (only if you can afford to do so). Your kid would love it for sure.

4. If it’s a summer party, use inflatable hot tubs to spice up the party

Hot tubs don’t have to be hot all the time. You can turn them into something cold for a refreshingly chilling summer experience if you can think creatively and improvise with the same in the best possible manner.

These tubs might look too petty on the hindsight, but on the foresight, they can really amplify the fun factor of your party in the best possible manner. Anyway, here’s are a few things that you should observe while engaging with the hot water tub:

  • See whether the temperature the of water is comfortable enough or not (Yes, I did ask you to cool down the water, but that doesn’t mean you should pour buckets of ice water in it for a more shuddering and chilling summer).
    By “comfortable enough,” I meant the “temperature of the water should be as close to the room temperature as possible.” A simple thing like that is more than capable of doing the job for you.
  • Treat your hot tub in the same manner as you treat a pool.
  • Try to keep dehydration at bay while engaging with the hot tub.

5. Last but not the least, get a photo booth

photo booth

I will finish this article off with a final mention towards photo booths in the end. They can really amplify the level of fun and joy in your party.

The inclusion of props based on appropriate party themes can bring the experience up to a whole new level.

So that more or less sums up this post. We hope you had a great read.

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