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Beauty Fans Are Buzzing About This K-Pop Beauty Brand

The cute packaging is the result of a collaboration between VT Cosmetics and the Korean pop group BTS.

Beauty fans are quick to fall in love with anything in cute, pastel-colored packaging these days -and everyone’s latest crush seems to be the K-beauty brand VT Cosmetics’ and its collaboration with the seven-member Korean pop boy band, BTS.

The BTSxVT collection features packaging decorated with colorful cartoon characters, which are designed to represent each member of the group. The ‘cartoon avatars’ are called “BT21.” The collection isn’t available in the U.S. — and has completely sold out within two weeks, according to this Instagram post last week.

The brand’s lipstick resembles a Pez dispenser, with character-shaped ‘heads’ on top of each cap. There are also round palettes and compacts. Foundation makeup is in clear bottles with colorful caps decorated with illustrations of cartoon characters.

Although the cute, cartoon-kitsch packaging, reminiscent of Hello Kitty, is attracting lots of attention — beauty fans are also raving about the makeup swatches posted on social media. Bustle reports, “Check out these lid swatches and the wash of color that the shadows add. Those are some pretty banging neutrals.”

The brand’s cusion compact is a highlight of the collection, and it comes with a sponge applicator designed with a “handle.” Slip two fingers through to comfortably apply makeup using the sponge, as shown here.

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